Longform books—the next chapter of Storybird.

by Mark on April 21, 2014


We’re thrilled to announce the launch of longform books on Storybird.

Longform is a new story format, ideal for writers and artists looking to serialize their books and build an audience, educators with students looking to master narrative skills, and readers who want to stay engaged with stories and characters over time.

Longform stories can be lengthy novels serialized into multiple chapters or a short story on a single page. They can include art interspersed throughout the story or just on covers. Writers will find them flexible and as easy-to-use as our award-winning picture book format.

Readers love the new format. It’s easy to read on a phone and notifications alert them when new chapters are published. That’s important for professional authors looking to build readership or students getting peer feedback.

We’re equally excited to announce the beta of Storybird Creative Partners and the first slate of authors and stories built atop the longform format. We’re working with ten entrepreneurial writers, artists, and agents to bring readers a wide range of exciting fiction and to study new forms of serialization, distribution, and commercialization. We’ll be adding new authors each season; professional writers and agents can learn more about the program in our FAQ.

Longform is available throughout Storybird but in beta for classrooms. Teachers can experiment with v1.0 now and expect full school integration by summer.

The first chapter of Storybird was written with picture books: 10 million and counting. With longform and our Creative Partners Program, we’re excited to usher in the next chapter and our vision to be the Scholastic of the 21st century—providing the tools and platform for writers, artists, and readers to create and share stories that entertain, educate, and inspire.

Longform Launch Writers & Artists

Alone in a Crowded Place by Bruce Wishart, art by Elizabeth Baddeley

The Archer Chronicles: Lost Boy by J.A. Stone, art by Claudio Cerri

Breaking the Code by deepfried_freak, art by Aleksei Bitskoff

The B.U.L.L.Y Club by figment68, art by Sam Wedelich

Elle McGraw: Teen Millionaire by Kay Cassidy, art by Justine Formentelli

The Endsister by Penni Russon, art by Victoria Usova

The Mystery of Dogwood Cross by Eliza Osborn, art by Ingvard the Terrible

The Shadow Gate by Myra McEntire, art by Alina Chau

Some Pig in the City by Jodi Kendall, art by Katy Betz

The Wrong Side of the River by Wen Baragrey and Natalie Bahm, art by Aleksei Bitskoff