Poetry, Storybird style

by Mark on March 21, 2013

Today we’re launching a beta of Poetry, a new web app that’s integrated into the Storybird experience. It’s our first major product since introducing the picture book format.

Poetry is insanely easy to use, loads of fun, and absolutely gorgeous. You choose artwork, slide words onto the canvas, and publish your image. The whole process takes less than a minute on your phone or tablet.

Here are some examples:

Try it yourself: head over to Create, choose some art, and select “For Poetry” when you tap “Use this Art”.

We’re super excited about Poetry for several reasons.

1. Fits on a phone, so that our members can use it anywhere. We want visual storytelling everywhere, because people and their stories are everywhere.

2. An even simpler storytelling format. Stories are hard to write and take time! Poetry is short and sweet. We used the same creative constraints for Poetry as we did with books: you can do only one thing, but that one thing is fantastic.

3. Poems are hyper social and look great on Facebook, Tumblr, and Pinterest. Your friends, family, and fans can easily read, share, and embed them.

4. They’re stunning. Poetry scales from the phone to the desktop (an AMAZING engineering and aesthetic feat from the team) to ensure the art looks great. It uses the same colour algorithms as our book covers and includes a light transparency on the word vessels, which makes the final compositions elegant and rich.

5. As with books and artwork comments, Poetry is designed to be family friendly. The word sets are fixed and were developed by a seasoned book editor from one of the Big Six publishing houses to enable creative expression without creative maligning.

Poetry is in open beta for the next few months as we study how it behaves. (It isn’t yet available for school accounts, but will be eventually.) Give it a try and send us your feedback via email, Twitter, or on our feedback forum. We’d love to hear what you think.