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January 2012

Love thy paper

by Laszlo on January 29, 2012

Danny Cooke spends a day with Paul Collier at one of the UK’s remaining moveable type print shops. A lovingly crafted short with a most excellent credit sequence.

Portraits of pictures

by Mark on January 25, 2012

Harry Benson_Shot by Tim Mantoani_Storybird

Portraits of photographers and their iconic images. Genius idea by Tim Mantoani.

Rebranding teaching.

by Storybird on January 21, 2012

Hyperakt_Rebranding Teachers 1_Storybird

Hyperakt_Rebranding Teachers 2_Storybird

Hyperakt_Rebranding Teachers 3_Storybird

Brooklyn design firm Hyperkat rebrands teaching for WNYC. Follow the link…

You have two weeks to save the internet

by Mark on January 6, 2012

Hostage_Paul McDougall_Storybird

The senate will vote on SOPA Tuesday, January 24th.

SOPA stands to break the machinery of the internet by ruining the DNS system. That’s bad enough. But SOPA is also a censorship schema similar to those used by Iran, Syria, and China.

Why would Congress approve a bad bill? Because several senators are being paid by media corporations to make SOPA law.

To stop them, we need 41 senators to block the vote. That’s doable.

But you have to actually DO something.

Action 1: ask your senate representative to vote down the bill. Here’s how.

Action 2: petition congress. Here’s the automated form.

To be clear: this will pass unless we get senators to block it or threaten to not support the re-election of those who do.

Make 2012 the year you busted a bad bill and took back just a bit of power.

Teachers: organize student/parent petitions and we’ll give you free memberships & downloads.

Bonus material: Here’s how SOPA affects teachers and schools.

Art, redux

by Laszlo on January 6, 2012

Nighthawks reimagined by Bastian Vance_Storybird

Nighthawks_Edward Hopper_Storybird

Bastian Vance’s photographic take on Edward Hopper’s famous “Nighthawks.” Lots of other famous paintings=photographs over at Boooooooom.

The ABCs of film appreciation

by Storybird on January 4, 2012

Stephen Wildish_90s film alphabet_Storybird

British illustrator and designer Stephen Wildish challenges your 90s film moxy.